İngilizce Yıllık Plan 2014-1015


September 2014

“Welcome back. Getting to know each other”
“Me, my friends and my school”

October 2014

“My family”
“My house”
“Goldilocks and the three bears”-story
“Nursery rhymes”

November 2014

“Animals and their Habitats”

December 2014

“Winter and winter games”
“Winter clothes”
“Christmas”/“New Year”

January 2015

“Getting warm” (Gems)
“Animals that sleep in winter”
“The Mitten”-story

February 2015

“My body”
“The mixed up chameleon”- story
“Valentine’s Day”
“Space and planets”

March 2015

“Animals and their defences” (Gems)
“Earth Day celebration”
“Continents, countries and cultures”
“Holi celebration” (Indian Festival of colours)

April 2015

“Ladybugs” (Gems)
“Eggs, eggs everywhere”
“Children’s day celebration”

May 2015

“Underwater World”
“Senses and materials”
“My community”

June 2015